I've had the pleasure of working with many wonderful Artists over the years. While I'm tempted to share with you my personal experience with each Artist, I realize how much we all have in common; a desire to make the best prints possible.

Usually I work directly from an original painting the Artist makes available to me. I like to build the image in a similar manner that the Artist has constructed the painting. It really is all about color, the touch, the integrity of the mark, and the painters palette.
After careful observation of the Artists intentions, I begin the process of making color separations.

I carve all the wood blocks by hand. Some blocks are printed several times and may have more than one color. An understanding of the interaction of wood, pigment, and layers of color is important.

I print all the prints by hand without using a press. Editioning a print is a choreography of repetitive movements to perfection, a meditation on the Artists work.

I hope you one day have the pleasure of viewing a print I have made and letting it speak to you.

K.H. 2009

All images are copyright © the Artist